Elegance 2G Pure: bring the beauty of nature onboard! 

9 janvier 2020

Thetford Marine has added a new toilet to its extensive Tecma Flexi 2G lineup: we proudly introduce the well-known Elegance 2G in a special finish, inspired by nature.
In nature, colors and textures are naturally balanced, like this Elegance 2G Pure, with a new matte glazing technique in tones of green. The bicolor combinations, white on the inside, classy matte colors on the outside, create an elegant and dynamic harmony.

The Elegance 2G with a “Pure” touch 

The Tecma Elegance 2G and its models are the ‘small bowl’ size model of the Flexi line, which is all about maximizing the comfort within reduced space.
The new “Pure” version combines the  trusted Tecma quality with a new contemporary look to add an element of extra relaxation, luxury, design, enjoyment and comfort to your bathroom onboard. 

Proven top-quality made in Italy

The goal of Thetford Marine is to provide well designed and top performing products and all that is involved. It is an ongoing process of perfection.
That’s why the Elegance 2G Pure is not just a design. It is a perfect balance between design and top performance.

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