One of our main daily challenges is power production, storage and distribution onboard. A challenge we’ve been facing for 45 years as electricity is the heart of our business.

Energy source is essential. Generators provide marine power under severe operating constraints and regular maintenance is crucial. Our expert team are trained and KOHLER certified provide you with expertise when dealing with electrical and mechanical services. As we have our own load test bench 130kW we ensure your generator’s performance.

The second issue is how to stock it. This technology, which is based on batteries, has been constantly evolving over the years. From the simple battery to today’s lithium batteries, our experienced electricians diagnose and develop technical solutions in line with the boat’s needs. Thanks to our partner DOLPHIN, you will benefit from a wide range of chargers, converters and other products.

Last but not least, safety is a must! we are equipped and qualified to carry out all the periodic safety checks: insulation check, megger test, thermography

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