Electronic control system

As a pioneer in the installation of electronic controls for yachts, ENA has continued to develop its experience and expertise in the field. We are able to offer you a wide range of electronic controls that can be adapted to all makes of engines.

As a member of the ZF network, we have expanded our skills and, thanks to the support of the number one transmission brand, we can now also work on your reversers. Indeed, the reverser is the key element of the transmission because it is the part that transmits the power from the engine to the propeller and thus allows your boat to move. As an integral part of the mechanics, the reverser requires great care and compliance with its periodic maintenance programme. Our technicians, regularly trained in the factory, will provide you with expertise and care in carrying out the maintenance.

ZF, the world’s leading power transmission company, is always on the lookout for innovation and new products. With the support of a worldwide group, the design offices have completed the marine range with the latest products such as Searex surface propellers, SteerCommand electric rudders and POD

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